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13 Must-Read Books for Millennials

13 Must-Read Books for Millennials Books have become so underrated. I can ask anyone of my friends, cousins, immediate family members, etc. if they like to read and a strong 95% of them will flat-out tell me “no.” (My grandmothers

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VP of Unbanking- My experience

I can’t believe it’s already April and my internship here at Connex is coming to an end soon. I want to reflect on my time here and talk about some of the things I have learned! I have further developed

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Top 15 Kid-Friendly Activities for Spring

The weather is starting to warm up and the kids are getting anxious to get outside after being cooped up all winter. Enjoy the outdoors this spring with a variety of different activities! Here are some of the best, most

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Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day Activities and Recipes Saint Patrick’s Day initially began in Ireland as a religious holiday in which people would attend morning mass, go to a military parade and have a feast. The holiday recognizes Saint Patrick for bringing

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Fun and Affordable Holiday Gifts

The holidays are just around the corner and the time to get gifts is winding down. If you’re having trouble thinking of the perfect affordable gift for anyone on your list, we’ve got you covered. We’ve done the research and broken

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Saving Money Is Easy

Back in November, I held a contest to see what people’s best money saving tips were. I got some really great responses! By seeing all these tips, I learned that saving money is easy. I wanted to take the time

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