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5 Smart Ways to Use Your Stimulus Check

Make a practical plan for your stimulus check! Start with these 5 smart options.

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5 Ways to Pay a Large Medical Bill

Negotiate for a lower bill. Ask your health care provider to lower or waive some fees. You can find the going rate of coverage on sites like myHealthcare Cost Estimator to give you a starting point for your negotiations. According

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Winter Car Care Tips

Were you one of the many to take advantage of the President’s Day car sales? If you were, you definitely want your new car to withstand many New England winters to come. Even if you didn’t purchase a new car,

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Are Baby Boomers meeting their Health and Wealth Needs?

Generation X, colloquially known as the ‘baby boomers’, are the largest in United States history. But where do they stand in today’s modern economy? Baby boomers have seen it all: from debt crisis to war to the Civil Rights movement. 

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