Connex Launches New Pathways™ Products

Connex Credit Union’s vision is to be a recognized leader for customer advocacy and experience among financial institutions in the markets we serve. Shadowing that vision, in 2021 we launched Pathways™ – a suite of products designed to improve access and management of financial services for individuals who are new to, underserved or financially challenged markets. Pathways includes Checking, Savings, Credit Builder Loan, Secured Credit Card and Save to Win products.

Our Pathways Checking is designed for individuals who have not previously had a checking account or have struggled to manage their checking account in the past. A feature of Pathways Checking is one overdraft refund day per month with a total of three overdraft refund days per calendar year, in addition to many other features and benefits.

According to Bankrate’s new nationwide poll (July, 2021), more than half of Americans couldn’t cover three months of expenses with an emergency fund. That includes 1 in 4 Americans (or 25%) who indicate have no emergency savings at all – up from 21 percent in 2020. To encourage savings, we’ve introduced our Pathways Savings account that earns 2%APY on balances up to $1,000. Another great savings product is Save to Win, which is a prize-linked 12-month CD that earns entries into a national sweepstakes for every $25 in deposits.

Our Pathways Credit Builder Loan and Secured Credit Card are for members who have not yet established credit or have poor credit and want to build or rebuild their credit history.

To learn more about the Pathways Products go to:


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