It’s Credit Union Youth Month!

April is Credit Union Youth Month!

Providing financial education embodies the Credit Union movement’s ‘people-helping-people’ philosophy. The theme for this year’s Youth Month is “Be a Credit Union Saver and Your Savings Will Never Go Extinct.” Together, we’re encouraging our youngest members to open their own savings account (with a parent or guardian’s help), begin a habit of putting money into that account regularly, and learn how compound interest helps their account to grow.

If parents have trouble managing money, you can imagine that it’s going to be even more challenging for them to have conversations about money with their kids. Connex Credit Union can serve as an important ally for parents in their mission to teach their kids to be financially responsible.

Stop into a branch today to open an account for your child!

We invite our young members to color this coloring sheet, and bring it in to a branch. We’ll show off your work by hanging it in our lobby!


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