Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring is almost here! It’s time for spring cleaning, and that includes spring cleaning your finances. Not sure where to begin? Check out these ideas for a start:

  1. Clean up your paperwork

Outdated insurance policies, old statements, tax-related paperwork more than 7-years old, these are documents you can take to the shredder.

It’s also a good time to go paperless – electronic statements give you the opportunity for easy retrieval of information without all the clutter.

  1. Set and track a budget

If you don’t already have a budget, it’s time to start now. Once you know how you spend your money, you can see if there are areas where you can save to help you achieve your long-term goals.

  1. Automate your savings

Creating a budget can help you track your expenses. Equally important is finding room in your budget for saving. You’ll be more successful if you automate saving by allocating a specific amount from your paycheck to go right into your savings account. You’ll be surprised to see how quickly your savings can grow.

  1. Establish a bill-paying process

Make bill paying easier by using online bill payment. Online bill payment is faster than sitting and writing out checks, saves on postage costs, and it allows you to view your history of payments for easy recordkeeping. You can even set up recurring payments so you never forget to pay a bill.

  1. Reduce debt

Getting a grip on your outstanding debt is an important step toward achieving your financial goals. When you create your budget, you may find areas where you can reduce monthly expenses and put those funds towards paying down your debt. If you’re weighed down by high-rate credit card debt, a Connex Financial Advocate can help you look at options, including a Personal Loan to get debt under control and pay less interest.

Teaming up with a Connex Financial Advocate can help you define your financial goals and set a path to success. Call or stop by a branch and start your financial spring cleaning today!



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