Meet The New VP of Unbanking : Myana Mallory

Hello everyone!

My name is Myana Mallory and I am very excited to join the Connex team as the VP of Unbanking marketing intern. I am a first year student at Quinnipiac University, a part of the 3 + 1 accelerated MBA program. I am a double major in marketing and computer information systems.

I grew up in New Haven, CT, graduating from Wilbur Cross High School where I was involved in dual enrollment, student government, Future Project, GripTape, and student wellness advocacy. My passions include leadership, personal productivity, entrepreneurship, female empowerment and listening to music and podcasts. I am a leader in my community because I have the courage and creativity to inspire young people to create and chase after their goals in life.

I enjoy spending my free time with family and friends; I am very adventurous, constantly checking things off my bucket list. I also enjoy things such as shopping, attending concerts, eating out, watching Netflix series, and bowling. I am always open to new experiences, so I am always excited to try new things. I would describe my personality as very outgoing and social. It is one of my favorite things about myself.

Being that I was a social butterfly I have always put myself out there in the world. Whether it is on social media, in school or at work, I have always made sure to be myself no matter the environment I may be in. With this characteristic I was able to land a Youth Leader position for GripTape, a nonprofit organization that gives youth the power to learn what we want, how we want and provides the funding to do so. I first pursued my learning challenge in 2017 focusing on entrepreneurship and female empowerment. The learning challenge happens over a 10 week period. You focus on a topic of choice; creating goals and a plan to accomplish. At the end of the 10 weeks you reflect on the work you have completed, what you have learned and what you hope to do next. During my challenge, I founded a small online retail business, GlowGetter Co , where I promoted self-love, individuality and positivity in the female community through fashion and empowerment events. I used the GripTape funding to purchase books, online webinars and materials needed to effectively create a business plan. (Fun fact: I was interviewed about GlowGetter Co on WTNH 8 in April of 2018.) Experiencing this learning journey allowed me to develop most of my passions and learn how to work through adversity. I have been running GlowGetter Co , for about two years now and I still work with GripTape as a youth leader , using social media to promote this opportunity of learning to others. I find it very important to motivate and inspire people to chase their dreams. People don’t know what they’re capable of until someone brings it out of them.

My parents two of the most influential people in my life. My mother is very compassionate. She has always been determined to help everyone around her no matter what. This has encouraged me to put myself in the position where I am able to do the same. My father is a great goal-setter with a mindset of determination. He has taught me to never lose sight of my dreams and let “setbacks” distract me from my goals. Being the middle child, I also got to learn from my two older brother and be able to teach my two younger siblings. We are truly a family of Goal-Getters. We are all chasing after goals, motivating one another to keep going. My family means the world to me. They are my support system behind everything I do.


My family has been members of Connex for over 5 years; I became a member in 2017 and also had the opportunity to be the winner of the Nicolas Hackett Memorial scholarship this year. I came across the internship on Google and decided to go for it. Connex has always been a very personalized banking experience for me. Since I am a resident of New Haven, I’ve always went into the New Haven branch location for anything I needed. I got to know some of the people that worked there and they were always very patient and kind. They even knew my name, which made me feel special being that some financial institutions typically don’t get to know their members. I am more than grateful to have earned the internship position and believe that this opportunity will allow me to grow professionally, help others, develop new marketing tactics and enjoy the work I do. As my first semester comes to an end, I am looking forward to starting a new journey with Connex as the VP of Unbanking Marketing Intern.

-Myana Mallory, VP of Unbanking

Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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