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Working at Connex has been an amazing experience, but all good things must come to an end. As my time here as Connex’s VP of Unbanking intern comes to a close, I reflect on the journey, the emotions, learning experiences, opportunities, and the pure pleasures of working here.

To start off, I am eternally grateful for Connex as a whole. My journey with the company began when I tried getting a motorcycle fixed at a motorcycle shop where I was told there was no hope. I saw sparkling new motorcycles and applied for a loan where fate would have it that Connex was my best offer!

By becoming a member, I received emails about other Connex events and promotions. One of which was the ConneXfactor competition. I submitted my application and hit it off with my coach, Mike. At the end of the challenge, I met the people behind the scenes including the marketing team. As we got to know each other and the team found out I was marketing major, a conversation about the internship came up. I applied the very next day. I was lucky enough to be brought on board as the VP of Unbanking!

This was one of the greatest learning experiences of my career. Having worked retail and smaller jobs pertaining to my field of study and an unpaid internship, I was sure this opportunity would teach me so much and provide me with the experience I needed to progress in my career.

To begin, working in a professional environment is a learning experience of its own. Retail, coaching, and a remote internship were unable to provide me with the “field” experience I needed. The VP of Unbanking position helped me get accustomed to multiple tasks and projects, tight deadlines, meetings with an Ad agency, and interactions with members though social media channels. I also had to shop for more professional attire as my sweats and clipboard from coaching would not suffice. This internship was a great introduction into my career.

A few of the skills I improved on were:

Blog brainstorming and writing

Creativity is key as a marketer, but writing skills are equally as important. Roquita, who I worked closely with on the marketing team, was able to point me in the right direction with what kind of content to create. She also helped me work on my writing which I very much needed!


I scheduled social media posts throughout the week and sometimes for the weekend. This meant brainstorming for a lot of content, creating it, and deciding the best day to post it. All while other projects were going on like the ConnexNation millennial newsletter which I was responsible for every month.

Analyzing Data

After publishing social media posts, we would review their performance a week later. As the VP of Unbanking, I tracked, recorded, and analyzed that data. Data was recorded in an excel spreadsheet that would be able to be reviewed at any time. This was probably another one of my favorite parts because I enjoyed looking at our performance and playing with the data.

Programs and Tools


After figuring out what kind of posts to create, I would create an image to go along with a post. This was one of my favorite parts of the job because I was able to use my creativity visually. As time went on so did my photo editing skills as I got to know the software better, This included adding text, art, cropping, and so much more.


Of course I became very familiar with excel towards the end of the internship, but also – WordPress, Word, Outlook, and an email platform called Documatix.

This great opportunity taught me so much and gave me plenty of experience. But then there are things that just made this internship fun and enjoyable and those are the pure pleasures of working here.

The People

Coming in to work was always fun because as soon as you walk through the door everyone you encounter greets you with a warm smile and good morning. One of the departments even has fun days like Grilled Cheese day where they were kind enough to make me a grilled cheese! They also celebrate with parties when people leave for other professional opportunities. Cinco de Mayo celebration was also fun; don’t worry – there was no alcohol involved. These are the things the job description does not mention!

While the building was being remodeled, the marketing team was transferred to the Hamden branch for a couple of months and I got to work with a new staff that was equally as friendly and very funny!

Break room

After the remodel, the break room became a lot better! There is plenty of space to leave your lunch in, there are high tables and booths to ensure there’s enough space for everyone. There are more options now with our new coffee machine like lattes and cappuccinos!  There is now a big TV on the wall for everyone to enjoy in the room no matter where you’re seated. Then there is the best part of the break room which gets its own section below.

The Arcade Machine

Yes, you read correctly. There is an arcade machine full of games. There is sure to be a game for everyone to enjoy. I love games and it’s a great way to get to know people and beat your coworker’s high scores if you’re competitive. As a cure to writer’s block and as a way to relieve some stress, the arcade machine was a great addition to the break room. During lunch I would play Street Fighter with a couple of co-workers and after you left the break room, you felt fully refreshed.

The IT team

No matter what problems you had, the IT team was always there to help you solve them. I cannot tell you the amount of times I accidentally locked myself out of my phone and computer. They helped get you back on your feet as quickly as possible which was great for productivity.

The Marketing Team

Out of all the perks and fun things from working here, the team you work with day in and day out is the most important. I had the pleasure of working with a great team that is willing to help each other out no matter what.

While the title Marketing Director may sound intimidating, Louise is one of the sweetest people. She was always available for help or questions if I ever had any. She was always very supportive, cheerful, and understanding. Louise would even help with ideas for some of my tasks, like sending interesting online articles I could use for our newsletter or letting me read Ad Week to keep up with trends in the advertising industry. Louise is a team player and a leader. I am so glad I was able to work with someone with a bright and cheerful spirit.

While interactions with Anita were limited, she is the backbone of the day to day marketing team. She is an important player with supporting our branches with their ongoing marketing needs. She is not only a kind and caring person, but she is also one of the hardest and most versatile workers I have met. She has been with the company for many years now and has held various positions and she still enjoys it like it was her first day. At the annual meeting, Anita knew many of the members that came. She was friendly with every single person and everyone was happy to see her. Having that kind of energy at work makes every day a great day.

Coming into a new position can be frightening, but Roquita taught me the ropes and introduced me into the marketing world. Roquita reviewed my content, social media schedule, blog posts, and everything else I worked on. She literally taught me everything I know. Roquita was patient, understanding, and very knowledgeable. She opened my eyes to many things I otherwise would have been oblivious to such as the type of content we should post, images to consider, and how to create copy that is engaging. She helped me with everything from the color of fonts to explaining how our email software system works. She was my everyday go to for any questions and taught me something new every opportunity she got. I was lucky to work with such a great teacher who encouraged me and got me thinking in different ways. I owe everything I learned to Roquita.

The VP of Unbanking internship was an amazing experience and to whomever has the pleasure of becoming the next VP of Unbanking; you have a great road ahead of you filled with amazing people, a fun work environment, and a great learning experience of a job! Good luck!

– Allen Guzman, VP of Unbanking

Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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