Fresh Start: Part 2

In one part 1 of this 2-part blog series, Spring Change, we discussed changes you could make this spring season. Changes are nice; they give us something different in our lives and can have a positive impact. But sometimes changing hair color or getting a new car doesn’t cut it – you want something more! A fresh start can be just what you need in order to feel reignited and excited about life.

Here are 5 different ways to do just that – feel like a new person reignited and excited about life!

  1. Pets

Attractive Redheaded Girl and White Puppy Smiling Together

Pets are great to be around. They’re great listeners, they’re always there, and they’re fun to play with. It should come as no surprise that if you need something new, a new pet is something to consider. Maybe go for a second pet or pick up your first. If you already have a pet, try a different kind. Maybe a bird instead of a cat, or a hedgehog instead of a dog. This new pet can give you an added sense of responsibility and possibly a different perspective if you’ve opened up yourself to a new kind of pet. Dogs can be expensive depending on the breed, but hamsters, fish, and birds are less costly options.

To take a fun quiz on what kind of pet you should get, click here.

  1. Hobbies

Two fishermen camping in forest

What we do for fun should be taken very seriously. We all need a hobby or an activity that lets us shift our mind into a laid back, relaxed state. The effects of having hobbies are not just good for your health, but can also impact your career! Increased self-esteem and confidence are just the tip of the iceberg. Read the full list of benefits here and then choose a new hobby from a list of inexpensive hobbies to try out this weekend! Good luck!

  1. Habits

Old Habits - New Habits signpost

Habits can be good or bad and one of the best ways to cut a bad habit is to replace it with a good one. Think for a moment about bad habits you have. Some of these habits could be going to bed late, eating too much junk food, or spending too much time on your phone. Each of these habits can be replaced with positive habits like getting up earlier to force you to go to bed earlier or replacing unhealthy snacks with fruit and other healthy food. Ending these bad habits or just simply starting healthier habits can literally change your life.

To get you started with some ideas, we’ve found a list of 10 positive habits you can start incorporating today. Number 8 is my personal favorite. Check the site out here.

  1. Self-teaching

Young girl sits on stack of books

Have you wanted to try something new but you “don’t know the first thing about it?” Well… the easiest way to pick up new things IS to learn the first thing about it! There are videos, articles, and classes for anything you want to learn. Many of these resources are even free! Check this website out for The 37 Best Websites to Learn Something New and here are 5 things you could learn about:

  • How to Cook
  • How to invest/trade, stocks, bonds, foreign currencies
  • A new sport
  • A new language
  • Different cultures and their history
  1. Move

Filling our new home with fun

One of the greatest fresh starts is to physically move somewhere new. Moving to a new place could include many benefits: a new job, new friends, new cultures, new way of life, new community, and a fresh perspective. If you need a little push to start packing, here is a list of reasons explaining why it is important to move to new places throughout your life.

No matter what your reason may be for needing a fresh start in order to feel reignited, we hope you find the spark you were looking for.

There is no reason to feel like you’re stuck and not excited about life – you definitely have options!  Let us know what you do to keep life exciting in the comments below!

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