Spring Change: Part 1

Spring is in the air. Flowers are blossoming and animals are coming out of hibernation. It’s natural to feel a little more upbeat than normal due to the warmer temperature and your body getting much needed vitamin D. Spring is all about new beginnings, fresh starts, and change all around so we have created a 2-part blog post of things you can change and new things to try out if you need a fresh start.

Up first we, have five things you could change this spring season.

Chance to Change With Cubes

1. Income

Businesswoman Giving Cheque To Her Colleague

You may need help with funds so let’s do something about it. Brainstorm for viable ways to increase your income.  Uber driving, dog walking, and renting a room or your home on Airbnb are all options. If you’re thinking about a promotion or a raise at work, be sure to read these tips before bringing up the subject with your boss.


2. Career / School Focus

Seeing their success all come together

If you’re not happy about where you are or what you’re doing, then make a change. It’s easy to talk about, but a lot harder to go through with. Whether it’s finding meaning in your work or looking for an increase in salary, researching a career switch is not a bad idea. Before you make a big switch, you could also try making some changes in your current role to find happiness. Devin Hughes lists 5 ways to become happier at work. If you’re still in school and find you do not enjoy your field of study, consider talking to your advisor to see what your options are. If you decide to switch majors, they can let you know how much longer it may take you to graduate and what is required. Picking up a minor in a subject that interests you is also another avenue to explore, if you don’t want to completely change your major.

3. Finish things you’ve started

Blue background made from jigsaw puzzle

Sometimes we have to put things on hold. Life can get in the way and before we know it, unfinished things are all around us. These things can include a book, a home project, even schooling. Think about the beginning of this year; have you kept up with all of your New Year’s resolutions?  Take some time to prioritize your unfinished work and get to it!

4. Providers

Watching tv POV

Once your contract ends with a provider, we tend to just let things ride out. We may not notice that we are overpaying and can renew a contract elsewhere or even call the current provider for the most up to date promotions. Cable may be the first service that comes to mind, but cellphone providers, internet, and any other subscriptions you have can save you money by switching or renewing a contract.

5. Vehicle

Video recorder next to a rear view mirror

How long have you had the same vehicle? You may be perfectly content with what you’re driving, but consider the practicality or environmental effects of your current vehicle. Many current vehicles have eco-modes, are hybrids, or are much better with their fuel efficiency and emissions. If upgrading vehicles is not an option, consider making simple upgrades to your current vehicle to make it safer or more fuel efficient. A backup camera can save you from those little mistakes. Installing a tire pressure monitoring system will make your vehicle more fuel efficient by making sure you have the correct PSI in all four tires and it could increase your car’s performance and make it safer to drive. A remote starter allows you to drive more comfortably knowing your car is warm during the Connecticut winter months and cool in the brutal summer. Click here for a full list of DIY car modifications.

We hope you enjoyed this list of changes you can make. If you would like to share any of your ideas, comment below!

The second part of this blog is about all about trying out new things. Be sure to take a look!

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