Indoor Activities Blog Series, Part 2: Relaxing Activities

Old woman holds a mug while looking at snow from the window

This is part 2 of our Winter Indoor Activities blog series. It’s time for some rest and relaxation.


When the temperature is just too cold or that storm comes in and you want nothing to do with it, have yourself a YOU day. Relax and enjoy your time with your favorite PJ’s, socks, and slippers on. Here are some ideas to help you unwind and forget about some stress. Naturally, you’ll need a hot beverage in hand like tea, coffee, or hot chocolate!


Friends watching scary movie

As a huge movie advocate, there is never enough time to watch all the movies that interest me. There are plenty of brand new movies or movies you forgot about from years ago. See what’s new on Netflix or your local on demand. If you have no satellite signal or internet, then lets dust off that DVD player or dare I say VHS player! Pop one of your old school favorites in there. Or just check what you have saved on your DVR. If you’re feeling up for a hunt, try locating some old home movies on VHS.

TV Shows

I am sure everyone has heard about binge watching shows. If not, then have a crack at it! Find a series you’ve heard about or have been trying to find time to watch. A few series I am currently enjoying are Manifest, The Good Doctor, and New Amsterdam. You can find them on Hulu or probably available for free On Demand.


father daughter music.jpg

If you plan on doing productive things you could always have some music playing in the background. Listen to an album from start to finish or find a new favorite playlist or artist. You can sing along to your favorite songs or make your own song! There is always new music being released.


This one may be something new for many people. Try meditating to relax and truly enjoy your day. It is great for reducing stress and anxiety from all the things you have to get back to the next day. Healthline provides benefits from meditating and here is a resource on how to properly meditate.

Call/Write a letter

When is the last time you got a letter in the mail from someone close? Start the trend again especially on a snowy or cold day indoors. It doesn’t take long and your loved one will surely appreciate it. If you do not feel like writing a letter, try calling. With everyone having busy lives, no one ever calls just to chat anymore, well besides moms! Call a friend or family member just to see how they are doing. They will be surely pleased when they pick up and you say, “Just calling to see how you were doing” or “I was thinking about you and figured I’d give you a ring.” Try it and let us know how it went, maybe you can call your mother instead!

Video Games

old video games.jpg

Have you tried Fortnite? If not, it is still very much in. Download it on your phone, Xbox, or PlayStation for free. If you like to go against trends, play one of your favorite games online. If you have no internet, try to finish a campaign on one of the video games you already have. Play a local sports match of FIFA with a friend. You could always dig up old systems like a Nintendo 64 or a super Nintendo if you can go way back.

Board Games

If you have too many people and not enough controllers for multiplayer video games, try a board game. Board games never fail to put smiles on people’s faces. It is a great way to get everyone off their phones and into some serious or playful competition. Board games are great, especially when you don’t have phone reception or the power, cable, and internet are out.


baby and his puppy sleeping peacefully

Taking a nap is always a welcome option! Catch up on some much needed rest. Take a breather and lay down with your eyes closed. Check this website out for everything you need to know about napping Don’t forget to set a timer! You’ll wake up feeling recharged and probably with an empty stomach too.


Let’s call it what it is – we’re having a Lazy Day. So you probably won’t be up for making food. Luckily for you and everyone, else there are options that deliver such as pizza and Chinese food. Say you’re in the mood for your favorite food, but they don’t deliver. Worry no more. Uber Eats and DoorDash were created just for you! If you’ve never used their services before, there are always promotions that’ll save you some money on the delivery fees. It is a perfect way to end the day by allowing you to not worry about doing the dishes later.

Stay tuned for Part 3: Fun with Kids!

Father and son having fun while shaving in bathroom

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