Indoor Activities Blog Series, Part 3: Kid-Friendly Activities

This is the final blog of the 3 part blog series. If you would like to catch up on the first two blog posts on Productive and Relaxing things to do you can find them here.


We have provided ideas on things to do when you’re stuck indoors, but what about the kids, you can never forget about the kids! We’re providing some outside the box ideas to make the most out of the time you have with them.

Fun with Kids!

Being snowed in or spending a night in with kids can be difficult because kids can get restless easily and it can be challenging keeping them entertained. The last thing we want is to see them playing video games all day or watching videos and TV shows instead of stimulating their brains. Here are some ideas to keep the kids entertained while also spending some quality time with them.

Create a movie

Boy holding a clapper board in a cinema theater

Instead of having them read a book, watch TV, or a movie, have them create a movie! Brainstorm a silly or action packed script. Find a Mad Libs book lying around and try acting a page out. If a movie is too long of a production and the resources aren’t available try making the movie trailer instead. Kids are sure to have fun. Have the camera person narrate the scene and everyone can dress up with funny costumes.

Make a Cooking Show

Child Food Vlogger making a video - Christmas Time

So the kids don’t want to make a movie or no ideas are flowing out, and everyone needs some fuel for their brain. Get the camera rolling for your very own Iron Chef video! You can set the phone to record while you and the little ones attempt to create the best PB&J east of the Mississippi River! Depending on the age of the children, you can decided which dish to make. Here are some cool cooking ideas to do with kids.

Photo Shoot

Thumbs up from boy shooting video with retro camera

Before you get rid of your costumes and aprons, capture the moments with a photo shoot! Put some silly clothes on. Tailor some clothes you no longer wear to have even more fun. For a bucketful of costume ideas, check out


scrapbooking fam.jpg

After you have captured the precious moments of your child looking like a scuba diver, create a scrapbook of the past year or start one for this year. Whatever you would like, get crafty and don’t let these moments slip by.


If you want to do something simple, play with some Legos! You could always make your own magnificent Lego architectural creation or Lego photo shoot.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunts are always a win. Offer a first and second prize to whoever finds everything on the scavenger hunt list. If you would like a premade list to scavenge for, it’s your lucky day! There are plenty of options online, but here is one specifically for kids: Premade Scavenger Hunt list.

Karaoke Night

Karaoke night with mum

What better way to end a day well spent with the kids than a karaoke night? You could do it the simple and easy way by finding a YouTube video with the lyrics of a song on the TV. You can make it harder by finding the instrumental of the song online and pulling up the lyrics on your phone. If you’re a pro, then you probably already have a karaoke machine so show them how it’s done!

If there are any ideas you have that would be great with kids, comment below! P.S. you could also have the kids help shovel some snow!

Missed the other two posts? Check out Part 1 and Part 2 for productive and relaxing activities.

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