VP of Unbanking

My name is Allen Guzman and I am the new VP of Unbanking here at Connex.

Luckily for me, I grew up in Wallingford, CT which is just a short drive from the credit union’s headquarters in North Haven. I moved to Wallingford when I was in 4th grade and have called Wallingford home ever since. I was part of Wallingford’s great soccer program and part of the Wallingford Lighting team. This team recently reunited and we play at the CFC arena in Hamden, CT on Sunday nights. A few of my hobbies include traveling with friends, running with my father, and watching movies with my family. My all-time favorite is eating my mom’s homemade meals. A couple of values I hold highly are honesty and courage. And lastly, my family and friends mean the most to me.

With only one more semester to go, I am a marketing major at Central Connecticut State University. Right on the first day of classes this semester I decided to pick up a minor in Management Information Systems, otherwise known as MIS. I did this to broaden my knowledge and become a better-rounded person as I prepare myself for “the real world.” In order to do this I took six classes during the fall 2018 semester and will have to take another six courses in the spring. I was part of the school club soccer team and three other clubs including the Marketing Club, International Association of Business Communicators, and the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club.


I did this while holding a job at the Student Career Success Center. At the Student Career Success Center, I gave students tips and ideas on how to write or improve their resumes and cover letters. I also took charge of the social media efforts for the organization and was part of the social media team for the marketing club. I was allowed to implement my own ideas for the Career Success Center and was able to find out what worked and what did not.

With the career skills I picked up working at the Career Success Center, I was able to land a part time job as a Brand Ambassador for a brewing company. I still work weekends as a Brand Ambassador. I also work for a premier soccer club coaching clinics and as a substitute coach for games whenever needed. The premier club connected me to work for the Clinton Youth Soccer League coaching a girls soccer team. I have coached this team for a year and a half now and will be coaching them again in the spring. Soccer has always been a passion of mine.

blizzards pic

I do all this to better myself. One of my personal goals in life is to work somewhere I can help people and make some kind of a difference. I would like to find a career I can use my skills and experiences to help people all over the world. I helped with community projects when I worked for Nike, and was able to donate my volunteer hours to a charity of my choice. Their recycled shoes are used to create playgrounds and courts for communities. They did a lot of fun things too, like asking me to take part in a photo-shoot for a gift card cover contest. Currently, I am working for Connex Credit Union which is a not-for-profit financial institution that helps people by providing everyone, including nonmembers, financial advice and tools to improve their financial situations. I want to continue my path of helping people, and the world, by working for a company like Tesla. I like how Tesla tries to make the world a greener place through their products and beliefs. Working at Tesla would be a dream come true.


With a full plate, I worked hard to set a schedule that would allow me to work for Connex as their VP of Unbanking. I wanted to work for Connex after working with Mike Nowicky, the Meriden branch manager, as a 2018 ConneXfactor contestant (which I came in as second place winner!)

Since I’m a member, I receive emails from the company and one of them was about the ConneXfactor competition. I applied, was selected, and hit the ground running with Mike as my coach. Throughout the duration of the contest – six months to be exact – I found out so much about the credit union. The simple fact of a financial institution offering free financial coaching was amazing. On top of that, they offered winners of the contest a cash prize. I came out of that contest with more than financial knowledge; I made a great friend in Mike and realized what credit unions really do.

I grew up wanting to help people and being able to spread the word on all the great things Connex can do seemed right up my alley. I hope to help people by growing Connex’s brand awareness through their social media, blog posts, and ConnexNation eNewsletters. I am already learning how to use different tools, software, and techniques to reach a bigger crowd. I am very creative and would like to help brainstorm new ideas, campaign initiatives, and maybe even testing new platforms. In general, what I look forward to getting out of being the VP of Unbanking at Connex is to improve my skills, help people, and always have fun by enjoying what I do!

-Allen Guzman, VP of Unbanking

Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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