Events & Activities for the Holiday Season

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With 2018 coming to a close, you may have wished you checked off some things from your bucket list or maybe you just have an open schedule coming up. Here are some ideas for events and activities to do this holiday season. Some are local to Connecticut while other ideas are for the homebodies. For the adventurous people, there are some ideas for you too!

Local Events & Activities

Festival of Silver Lights

Christmas lights on dark blue background

Connecticut may be small, but it has plenty to do! Hubbard Park, located in Meriden, has an amazing lineup of holiday lights. Invite your friends or family to pack a car, wear your favorite festive holiday apparel, bring some snacks like popcorn, and crank up the holiday music! You can always grab dinner before you drive through the beautiful lights and bring dessert for the ride. The lights are a holiday classic and one that everyone in Connecticut should visit at least once!

Musical Events

For the holiday music lovers, there are plenty of events to attend during this holiday season. There is a Community Carol in Mystic, Connecticut on December 16, 2018. It would be a joyful time to spend with a significant other or great quality time with family. Admission is free from 10 am – 4 pm, but only if you bring a canned good item to donate!

If that is not your cup of eggnog, then maybe you’ll find the Holiday Extravaganza to be more your style. The 2018 Holiday Extravaganza concert series does have a price for adults, but kids are free with adults and college students only pay $10! The New Haven Symphony Orchestra will be part of the Holiday Extravaganza! This event will be held on December 15 and December 16, 2018 first at the Hamden Middle School, and then at the Shelton High School.


Maybe music is not your thing, but theater is more your scene. “Coney Island Christmas” will be showing for much of December at the Ivoryton Playhouse in Ivoryton, Connecticut. This showing can run from $15 for children to $35 for adults, with students paying $20 and seniors $32.

If you enjoy both music and theater, then “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is the all in one package. It is a sing-a-long show that includes a simple $12 price for everyone and will be hosted in the town of Torrington, Connecticut.

Macy's New York City Christmas

You can check out a site filled with more events in Connecticut that are holiday-specific here: Christmas & Holiday Events 2018-19

At home activities

Some love exploring and traveling, while others prefer the comfort of their own home. For those of you who prefer the latter, here are some ideas for this holiday season.


Holiday decorating can be time consuming, but you can have fun with it by inviting people over. It is a great time to have quality time with someone you want to catch up with or a significant other. Kids would love this too, especially if you make it crafty by having them make some ornaments for a Christmas tree or  decorations to hang around the house. Here is a website of all things crafty! Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

Holiday Baking

Favorite family tradition

Invite friends or family to bake cookies. This is especially great if you’re an expert cookie baker because you can show friends or family how it’s done. If this is your first time baking, you could have your friends or family show you how it’s done.

Holiday Movie Marathon

You could make a day out of baking cookies alone, or you could throw in a movie marathon. This is something everyone would love including grandparents and children! Everyone could pick a movie and then draw it out of a hat for the movie lineup. All this with or without the cookies baking in the background!

Dinner at Home with Friends and Family

Thanksgiving is over, but that doesn’t mean the delicious food has to be over with too. If you’re worried that it is too much work for you, think again. Invite friends and family and have them each bring a dish or two; whatever they would like. You could use disposable plates and utensils to help with the dishes and since you’re not cooking it all yourself, you won’t have to worry about cleaning all the cooking dishes. This is great to get everyone together and enjoy delicious meals. While hosting a dinner with a bunch of friends is a great time, there are some rules you should know about, especially if this would be your first time hosting. These rules may help make sure the dinner goes smoothly! After dinner you can bring out the board games and have at it!

All of these events can be held on one day to make it a jam-packed fun day! Or you could choose to spread them throughout the holiday season. My friends and I have already had Friendsgiving at the beginning of the month and are planning a game night soon!


For those of you who prefer to explore, there is a whole world out there waiting to be discovered by you!

Be adventurous! That is what the holidays are all about! Last holiday season my friends and I decided to rent a cabin in Vermont and go snowboarding for a day. You can choose to travel for whatever outside event or activity you would like. You could decide to take a daycation, or you could decide to make a weekend out of it.

First you’ll want to decide how far you and your friends would like to travel. Then, you can figure out what it is you’ll want to do there. The website, mentioned earlier for Connecticut, is part of a broader site for all of New England.

The last thing you’ll want to do is make the drive back so why not find a place to stay using Airbnb. You’ll be able to sleep in and grab a bite to eat somewhere local in the morning. Who knows, maybe you’ll find time to sneak one more activity in there before heading back home. Airbnb finds places to stay that are pretty cool and many times more cost effective than traditional hotels – especially if you split it between friends and family. It allows you to filter homes, apartments, or rooms and by how many guests will be staying and for how long. The app also allows you to search through events nearby.

You can set up a day just to get away with friends and family or you can plan a special Christmas or New Year’s Eve mini vacation! Many people plan vacations months in advance, but booking through the app is not time sensitive and you may even be able to find a place for tonight while you’re reading this! The possibilities are endless; all you have to do is be spontaneous!


-Allen Guzman, VP of Unbanking


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