19 Tips to Saving Money Over the Summer

19 Tips to Saving Money Over the Summer

  1. Ditch the car…Only if it is possible, of course. Not only does biking and walking benefit your health, you will save money by not purchasing gasoline as often! If ditching your car is not possible, check out these tips to maximizing your savings at the pump. Crossing the Street with the bicycle
  2. Grow your own fruits and veggies with a garden! Why? Everything tastes better fresh. I grew a couple of strawberry plants on my deck last year, and these strawberries tasted fantastic. And I was so proud of myself for growing them. My aunt has a bit of a green thumb so we are able to enjoy cucumbers, raspberries, eggplant, and tomatoes, all summer long. With good upkeep, these plants will last you years to come, making this method much more cost-effective than buying these items from the store week after week. The workers are collecting tomatoes
  3. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Garage sales, tag sales, flea markets, thrift shops, and bulk pick-up weeks are clutch to saving and making money. You can save money by shopping through these places for random items that you need. I purchased a brand new pasta machine from a flea market in Woodbury for a fraction of its MSRP. (I use it all of the time to make pasta; this is not an item that collects dust in my cabinet as it was for its previous owner). Whenever my boyfriend and I want something, we check out our local flea markets and tag sales first. Whether we’re looking for camera lenses (buying these new are unfortunately incredibly expensive and photography is a hobby of both of ours), or wires for an older video game system (my PS2 wires were getting faulty so I found wires at the flea market in Wallingford), we can usually find what we’re looking for. Booths of Ukrainian goods at St. Andrew Ukrainian orthodox cathedral near Washington DC during 15th Ukrainian festival with people
  4. Dry clothes in the sun! Drying clothes in the sun will help you save on your energy bill by cutting out the dryer. Smiling mother and child hanging clothes outside together
  5. Cancel your gym membership! It’s (usually) nice out, take a steep hike for leg day, jog or bike on your local bike path for cardio, mow the lawn with a push mower, or just grab a set of weights from Marshalls or Wal-Mart and DIY a workout…the possibilities are endless!  It's Not Just A Workout. It's A Lifestyle!
  6. Make your own cleaning supplies! Making your own cleaning supplies can save you a good chunk of change in the long run! These “recipes” involve many everyday ingredients that we already have in our home. Additionally, by eliminating a trip to the store for cleaning supplies, temptations for coming home with other items besides cleaning supplies are completely eliminated!  Their sharp eyes never miss a spot
  7. Check around your area for cheap events! There are plenty of free events in Connecticut, you just have to look! There are concerts at the park at night, free museums, reduced price amusement park visits, and more!  Tourists exploring sea life in aquarium
  8. Use the library for books, movies, internet, etc. Instead of buying multiple books or magazines to read at the beach, rent some from your local library for no cost! Instead of going to the movies or renting one on Demand, check your library for movies to rent for free! The student life
  9. Camp out in the yard! Some people love to camp, but depending on when and where you go, campsites can be expensive. Set up a tent in your yard! This won’t cost you a penny if you already have a tent, you’ll have access to an indoor bathroom, and if it decides to rain you can quickly seek shelter. Set up a projector on a shed or a sheet and watch a movie from your tent with your family! You can still have a ton of fun from the comfort of your own backyard. Tent camping relaxing on lawn backyard
  10. Don’t fall for a tourist trap! If you do plan to go on a vacation, go somewhere quiet! Places like Disney World and Myrtle Beach are common vacation places and will be busy all summer. Choose a quieter beach town if you want to be on the water, or a less know amusement park if you want to go on rides. Additionally, if you want to eat out on these vacations, don’t go to a chain or well-known place. Search Yelp for local restaurants that are usually better and have less of a wait. carousel ride spins fast in the air at sunset - a swinging carousel fair ride at dusk
  11. Plan a staycation! Staycations can be just as fun as vacations and are only a fraction of the cost! Take a trip to the local beach! There are plenty around Connecticut that do not charge for parking. Go kayaking in a lake! There are plenty of Groupon deals on this. Not only is this fun for the whole family, but it doubles as a fantastic workout. Already have a kayak? Take it to the beach with free parking and test out your ocean kayaking skills! You can rent movies from Redbox, or watch what is on Netlflix as a nighttime activity for you and the family. Hang out in the yard: play badminton, volleyball, bocce, wiffle ball, or go swimming! Whatever you end up doing, make sure the family is together! Happy family playing in swimming pool
  12. Cook outside! Cooking hot food inside will raise the temperature in the house, making the air conditioner have to work harder and longer to reach your desired temperature. Multi Generation Family Enjoying Cooking Barbecue At Home
  13. Sell your old, but still in-good-shape, clothes on consignment! If you don’t wear some of your clothing anymore but you still have them taking up space in your closet, bring them to your local consignment store! Many places will offer cash for your clothes! Group of people at a yard sale
  14. Invite friends over instead of going out! You will spend more money on food and drinks if you go out with your friends. Instead, invite them over! Your trip to the grocery store for dinner for five friends will more often than not cost less than what you spent on yourself. If you’re comfortable with it, ask your friends to split the grocery bill with you! With Venmo or Popmoney from Connex, giving your friends money when you have no cash on you has become so simple. Young adults celebrating life and friendship on a rooftop in Barcelona, Spain. candid shot of eight young friends having fun on a rooftop party
  15. Stock up on winter clothes while they’re on sale! Are you going to need a new coat or jacket next winter? What about new pants? Why not buy one now! They’re most likely on clearance and it will save you a good chunk of change.  Two women shopping in clothing store
  16. Save your pocket change! Spare change quickly adds up. Throw all of the change you get into a jar and at the end of the summer, cash it in to see how much you saved.  Check out these tips on saving your pocket change!  Plant growing from coin jar
  17. Get a smaller cable TV package or ditch it completely! It’s summer. How much time do you plan on spending inside? Use the nice weather as a reason to eliminate your cable bill for a few months! Services such as Netflix and Hulu are much cheaper than cable and have a wide variety of movies and TV shows.  Netflix App on a Apple Tv
  18. Tutor someone! Children of all ages could use a tutor over the summer. If you excel at a certain subject, why not use that to your advantage and make a little extra money off of it? Teacher Reading with a Student
  19. Rent out a room in your house or vacation property! With Airbnb, this has gotten so much easier. Simply add your room or house to the website, then start getting rentals and making money!  Searching for accomodation


~Sarah Proto, VP of Unbanking

Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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