Father’s Day Gifts For All Budgets…and For All Dads

Father’s Day gifts for all budgets… and for all dads

Buying a gift for dad for Father’s Day can be tricky…especially because, unlike mom, brunch and flowers will not do the trick. The problem with many lists out there is that they emphasize gifts for the stereotypical dad. We have taken it one step further to encompass a multitude of different dads, and different budgets.

If your father is a/an…

Grill Master: Dads, by stereotype, are grill masters.

  1. Grab him a brand new grill tool set.
  2. Get him his favorite cut of meat to start off his grilling season right.
  3. Host a family barbeque for him.
  4. If your budget allows, buy him a snazzy new grill!Man cooking meat steaks on professional grill outdoors

Golf Lover: Sometimes I feel like my dad is the only dad who does not golf.

  1. Treat him to 9 or 18 holes on his favorite course.
  2. Take him to the driving range.
  3. Bring him to your local mini golf course.
  4. Big Budget Item: purchase him a new set of clubs! Every game comes with it’s challenges

Baseball Aficionado: You’ll know if your dad loves baseball if he records the games he’s not home for and won’t change the channel until the game is over when he is home.

  1. Play catch in the yard.
  2. Take him to see his favorite team play.
  3. Organize a family baseball (or wiffle ball) game.
  4. Any merchandise for his favorite team. Baseball dreams

Outdoor Adventurer: Your dad is an outdoor adventurer if he steps outside, breathes in deeply, and says “Ahh, the great outdoors”.

  1. Go for a hike together.
  2. Schedule a family camping trip.
  3. Take him fishing.
  4. Go for a bike ride or run together. Out for a catch

Car lover: Your dad is a car lover if he treats his car with the utmost respect, gets “heart-eyes” when he sees old or expensive cars, and/or can tell you the make and model of almost every car you drive by.

  1. Take him to a car show.
  2. Get his most prized possession a car wash.
  3. Rent his dream car for the day and go on a joy ride.
  4. Take him to a car race.
  5. Take him go-karting. Visiting car dealership


Active Hobbyist: if your dad is none of the above, he may be one of the below.Adult father and son model making

  1. Is he a history connoisseur? Take him to a history museum or a tour of a historic site!
  2. Does he have a favorite movie series (Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc.)? Get him the complete DVD set, a simple T-Shirt, a mug for his coffee, etc.
  3. Is he project-oriented? My dad is always starting a new project and loves home depot gift cards. But, if you want to be more personal than a gift card, grab him the nice tool set he’s been eyeing.
  4. Does he like to go by the name “Chef Dad”? Get him a new set of pots and pans to replace the ones ruined by the rest of the family’s lack of cooking skills. Or, for the smaller budget, get him a new cookbook.
  5. Does he refer to the pool as his “baby”? Vacuum it for him. Get him a nice float for him to relax on.
  6. Does he listen to a certain band or genre on repeat? Take him to a concert!
  7. Is he obsessed with art? Bring him to your local art museum. Treat him to a painting or drawing class. Buy him a new set of his favorite art instruments.
  8. If he hates baseball but loves other sports, sub that sport into any of the suggestions under “baseball aficionado”.
  9. Is he curious about his culture and where he comes from? Grab him a DNA kit.
  10. If he secretly loves to garden, help him out. Buy him some of his favorite plants, or for $0, help him in the garden.


~Sarah Proto, VP of Unbanking


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