VP of Unbanking- My experience


I can’t believe it’s already April and my internship here at Connex is coming to an end soon. I want to reflect on my time here and talk about some of the things I have learned! I have further developed my learning outside the classroom and gained a lot of valuable marketing experience.

Throughout this internship I have expanded my experience with various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These are all essential platforms that are becoming increasingly popular in the marketing field. I have made monthly content plans that organize what I will post daily; this was very helpful because it kept me prepared. I also learned how to write enticing copy that encouraged people to click on articles or perform certain actions. I looked at insights from social media to improve my content plans and recognize the type of content that appeals to Connex members. Working closely on ConnexNation, Connex’s eNewsletter geared toward the late teens to mid-twenties crowd gave me experience marketing to the millennial generation. This was especially interesting because I found content I thought would appeal to my generation. The content was both interesting and informative which, allowed me to learn more about saving money! Lastly, I gained experience writing blogs; this was very enjoyable because the content was exciting, relevant and helpful. I found myself learning more about current events and about finances!

I also had the opportunity to interact with members when visiting branches or at events This was helpful because I got to understand the members that I was communicating with when posting on social media. I could get a better idea of what content they would be interested in reading about. Next, I was able to gain experience recording videos by working on my VP of Unbanking introduction and financial flash videos. This helped me learn more about talking on camera, speaking about myself and saving money in college. This was especially fun because it was an important skill I was able to develop.

Working at Connex Credit Union was especially informative because of the small marketing department. This allowed me to learn about different types of marketing ranging from social media to direct mail to event planning. I was still getting to know the different aspects of marketing and what I like best so this was especially helpful. Being able to work on a wide variety of marketing efforts was something I may not have experienced at a larger company. Working at a financial institution also helped me to better understand saving and how to make the most of other money decisions.

Overall, this internship was awesome! My time here at Connex allowed me to learn more about marketing, and I also learned about saving and finances which is very helpful now and will be in my future.  I really enjoyed being exposed to a professional working environment.

Connex is accepting applications from marketing, communication and PR majors in their sophomore, junior or senior year. Some suggestions that I have for anyone applying for the VP of Unbanking internship are to be confident and willing to share new ideas. The great thing about this internship is you can add new ideas into all aspects of your work. This gives Connex a perspective on how to reach members and allows you to be creative and have fun. If you are considering applying for this internship, I would strongly encourage you to do so. If you have any questions click here or reach out to me by posting a comment below.

Thank you to everyone at Connex for making this experience so great!

~Olivia Fay, VP of Unbanking

Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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