Top 15 Kid-Friendly Activities for Spring

Little boy standing on hands on grass

The weather is starting to warm up and the kids are getting anxious to get outside after being cooped up all winter. Enjoy the outdoors this spring with a variety of different activities! Here are some of the best, most affordable things for kids to do this spring:

  • Fairs- Many fairs start in the spring! Check here for fairs and festivals near you.
  • Park– Spending a day in the park always keeps kids of all ages entertained. You can even bring a blanket to have a picnic for lunch or let the kids nap in the sun.
  • Grow a Garden- Now that the weather is warming up, making a garden is a perfect spring activity. If you’re not sure where to begin, invest in an easy-to-use gardening kit to get you started.
  • Sports– Kids can finally go outside and play; try introducing them to a new sport and teaching them how to play. You can even start a neighborhood or family game of street hockey, soccer or basketball.
  • Build a birdhouse– Since the birds are returning north, they need a place to live! Making a birdhouse is a fun activity, especially if it’s a rainy day, and kids will love seeing the birds in the house they made!
  • Fly a paper airplane or kite– Have the kids make a paper airplane and see who can throw it the farthest. They can also make and fly a kite. For instructions click here.
  • Sidewalk art show- Let the kid’s creativity flow by having a sidewalk art show. Give them chalk and have them draw pictures on the sidewalk or driveway and have judges for the best creation!
  • Visit a farm- Visit a local farm and feed the animals! Kids will love seeing all the different type of animals and being able to feed them making this a perfect activity.
  • Science experiments– There are so many cool science experiments to try with kids. They all know that April showers bring May flowers but do they know how it rains. Try this educational and fun experiment on a spring day!
  • Pick Strawberries– Picking strawberries is always fun and the perfect spring activity since they start to bloom in the spring! You can collect strawberries and make one of these desserts for a full day of fun.
  • Put on a parade- Let the kids decorate their bikes, scooters or stroller and have a neighborhood parade. You can even have prizes for the best decorations or most creative.
  • Host a car wash– This is a perfect way to teach kids the value of money! They can learn how to make money or have the car wash for a charity to learn the value of philanthropic donations.
  • Outdoor photo shoot- Kids love dressing up and getting their photos taken so why not make it a fun-filled outdoor photo shoot. All you need is a camera (or even your smartphone) and you can let them strike a pose.
  • Sing and play in the rain– Let them make their own fun on a rainy day by dressing them up in raincoats and boots and having them play in the rain. They can even go mud sliding if they don’t mind the dirt (or YOU don’t mind cleaning up a bit!). Just be sure they wear a bathing suit that you can hose off after or clothes that you won’t mind them getting messy in.
  • Dye eggs– Whether you celebrate Easter or not, this is a fun activity for kids. If you are not sure where to start visit Pinterest for creative ideas.

I hope you have fun with these activities. Let us know what your favorite spring activity is for your kids in the comments below!

~Olivia Fay- VP of Unbanking

Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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