7 Fun and Affordable Winter Indoor Activities for Kids


Winter is here, and keeping your kids entertained on the weekends may be a tall order if you’re snowed in. Cabin fever can easily set in if kids are cooped up for too long, and they’ll soon be looking to you to stay occupied.

Starting to feel anxious already?? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We found seven fun activities you can do for little or no cost around the house during this winter season. No matter the age or skill level, there is something for everyone here.

  1. Indoor volleyball– All you need to set this up is a net or piece of yarn to hang up across any room. Instead of using a volley ball you just need a balloon. You can even make this a tournament!
  2. Mystery Bag– Fill a bag with an item from around the house and have participants close their eyes, reach into the bag and guess what it is.
  3. Treasure hunt– All you have to do is put clues into envelopes and hide them around the house. These clues will build on each other and lead children to a prize at the end.
  4. Snow Paint– Fill bottles with water and add food coloring. You can then spray it on the ground to make snow art. Or you can make a colorful snowman!
  5. Make a bird feeder– You can make a bird feeder for all the birds that didn’t migrate or put up one for when spring comes. Here’s an easy one kids can make with a soda bottle.
  6. Pillow fort– This is my personal favorite. All you need are sheets and pillows and you can create a fort to hang out in for the day.
  7. Indoor ice skating – Who knew that the combination of rubber bands, wax paper, and carpet could make ice skating indoors a reality?? See how the “skates” should look here. Be safe!! It’s fun, but a little slippery.

I hope these ideas will help you enjoy your breaks, snow days and weekends during this winter. If you have any other fun ideas comment below- I’d love to hear your ideas and which of these you found the most fun!

-Olivia Fay, VP of Unbanking


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