Fun and Affordable Holiday Gifts

The holidays are just around the corner and the time Christmas gift boxesto get gifts is winding down. If you’re having trouble thinking of the perfect affordable gift for anyone on your list, we’ve got you covered. We’ve done the research and broken down gifts in 2 different categories. We have suggestions for the people who are crafty and love to make their gifts, and gifts that are available for purchase from $25 and under.

Gift to make:

Making a gift is especially special because a lot of time and effort goes into this. Many people really appreciate the creativity and will be thrilled to get your home made gift! The best part- you can usually get the supplies for a lot less than what you would pay for a gift. You may also have some of the supplies needed laying around the house or in a crafting box. Here is our list of affordable things to make:

    1. Ring Dishes: To craft a ring dish, get an affordable bowl or plate. You can get this from a local thrift store, around the house, or anywhere else you can find one. Next, you’ll need things to decorate the bowl or plate with. This can vary from paints, to stickers, to statues that can be glued into the middle of the bowl or plate. This is perfect for anyone on your list who loves jewelry! It’s a perfect decoration and doubles as a place to store jewelry if it’s not being worn.
    2. Picture collage: This idea is perfect for any picture lovers or people you take a lot of pictures with! You can set up your collage online at or any photo collage app and simply print it out. You can also get a poster and glue or tape each picture onto the board. You can add stickers and glitter to decorate. You can also make a photo collage star if you’re feeling really creative.
    3. Make a blanket: A blanket is a perfect idea for anyone! You can get fabric at any crafting store and the best part is you can personalize it to fit anyone’s taste! I gave one of these to my cousin when she was an infant and she still brings it with her wherever she goes. You simply need to stack two pieces of fabric, make slits around all 4 slides and tie them together tightly. For easy instructions click here.
    4. Cutting board tablet holder: This is perfect for anyone who cooks and often has their tablet in the kitchen to follow recipe instructions. Things can get messy and having the tablet propped up on a holder is very helpful. The cutting board also make for a great kitchen theme. For easy instructions click here.


Next I have a list of great budget-friendly gifts that are under $25:

    1. College/Team Spirit wear: This is perfect for any college kid or sports fan! You can never have too much of your school or favorite team’s apparel.
    2. Coffee Accessories: Anyone on your list who loves coffee would love decorative mugs, travel mugs and coffee beans or a gift card to their favorite coffee shop!
    3. Canvas quotes: Quotes are awesome to decorate a desk, house or dorm with. Also, there are so many quotes you can find one to fit everyone’s personality. If you really want to go all out, you can buy a canvas and paint a quote yourself! Click here to see an example of canvas quotes.
    4. Bath Bombs: Anyone who’s had a stressful day would love this relaxing gift.
    5. Candles: You can never go wrong with a scented candle! Especially if you know the person’s favorite scent
    6. Blackboard Coaster: This is perfect for people who love to host. Guests can write their name on the coaster to ensure they know which drink is theirs. Check out the coasters here.
    7. Ticket stub diary: Everyone knows one person who saves everything. Including every ticket they’ve ever used. The ticket stub diary gives them the space to store all of these memories in a cute and organized way.
    8. Collapsible Water bottle –  It can easily be kept in a pocket, purse or drawer. It won’t take up much space and you’ll have it whenever you need a sip of water. Then once your done you can fold it back up for easy storing.
    9. Hanging Candle Holders– These hanging candles complete the backyard look, you can find them at
    10. Personalized Keepsake pillow- A personalized pillow can be the perfect decoration for a proud parent, grandparent or even pet owner!



-Olivia Fay, VP of Unbanking

Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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