Finding Realistic Financial Solutions: ConneXfactor 2016

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For five months, Connex Credit Union will be working closely with five participants to see who can become the most fiscally fit to win a $3,000 grand prize. Each participant has been paired with a Connex Financial Advocate who will offer real-world, practical advice on how to reduce debt, build savings, and many other helpful financial tips and advice. Connex received over 140 applications for the third annual ConneXfactor competition! Below is our update on Christine C.

Christine C.: Finding Realistic Financial Solutions

Coach: Kerry Perrotta, Guilford Branch Manager

Christine is now in the home stretch!  As we worked together throughout the ConneXfactor program, Christine faced a great deal of challenges, however, none of them stopped her from achieving the goals she had set in place from day one.  First, Christine patiently waited out a mortgage refinance process that saved significant dollars each month.  Next, Christine changed the plan of attack on helping her children save for higher education by going with the CHET accounts instead of UTGMA accounts.   The CHET accounts made more sense for her goals, but everyone’s situation is different.  She also overcame the fear of overextending herself and the family by overcommitting her savings.  This was possible by finding realistic solutions that would allow her to achieve her goals while also keeping her cash flow manageable.


Currently she is on pace to achieve all of her goals, not just at the conclusion of the program but also permanently going forward.  She has been wonderful to work with, as she was extremely motivated to attain her goals with this competition.  Christine made it very easy for me, as her coach, to help her set the groundwork for success.  Regardless of where Christine finishes with the competition, it is safe to say she is a ConneXfactor champion.  The contest has been extremely rewarding for both her and her family!

Do you need realistic financial solutions to achieve your goals? Join our ConneXfactor contestants and let our Financial Advocates work with you to create a financial plan to help you stay on track! Stop by any branch or get started online today!


Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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