Are Baby Boomers meeting their Health and Wealth Needs?

Generation X, colloquially known as the ‘baby boomers’, are the largest in United States history. But where do they stand in today’s modern economy? Baby boomers have seen it all: from debt crisis to war to the Civil Rights movement.  The impact of the Great Recession, as well as changes in types of employer retirement plans, shifting from defined-benefit pensions to 401(k) plans, has also affected baby boomers’ vision for the future. Baby boomers are also postponing their retirement later than ever before. They are here to stay in today’s world and here are some statistics on baby boomers and how they fare against delayed retirement, health risks, and more. If you’re reading this and belong to this age bracket, let us know what you think in the comments down below. We’d also like to know how you stand with your fellow baby boomers.

infographic-baby-boomersSource: Gudmasted, Erica. “How Are U.S. Baby Boomers Getting Along? Infographic.” How Are U.S. Baby Boomers Getting Along? Infographic. Population Reference Bureau, Jan. 2015. Web.

-Spencer Price, VP of Unbanking


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