Spencer Price – VP of Unbanking Introduction

Hello there! My name is Spencer Price and I’m the new Vice President of Unbanking for Connex Credit Union. You might be asking – what is the Vice President of Unbanking? This position is a unique internship opportunity within Connex’s marketing department where I will be working hands-on with campaigns and events, social media efforts, and more!

Here’s what you should know about me: I am currently a junior at Southern Connecticut State University. My major field of study is Communication with an emphasis in Advertising and Promotions. I am also pursuing a minor in Marketing. Besides taking classes and being the VP of Unbanking, you can find me on the weekends looking through hobby shops, such as video games and electronics stores, and musical instrument stores (I play the guitar!). I like to work out in my free time, and catch up with friends and family (and my Netflix queue) on the weekends. I also love attending concerts, exhibitions, and festivals. I would love the chance to attend one of these events representing Connex Credit Union. Wouldn’t that be fun!

My father introduced me to Connex Credit Union when I reached high school. My sister and I were starting to earn some cash through part-time jobs and we wanted a safe place to put it. I was fourteen when I opened my first checking and savings accounts at the Guilford branch, my hometown. Every time I visit the branch, the Member Service Reps are always super polite and ready to help. What’s great about the branch is everyone is on a first-name basis, and it actually feels like you are visiting someone’s home rather than a financial institution. Connex treats my family and me with care and respect, and I always try and encourage my friends to join the Unbank.

When initially presented with the title of “VP of Unbanking,” I was more than curious. Why should I be graced with the title Vice President of Unbanking? What does Unbanking mean to me? These questions will continue to come up throughout the remainder of my internship, and finding the answers through the head-on experience and challenges I will face will make my time here even more rewarding. The journey to fill the former VP of Unbanking’s shoes, pushing myself to learn and thrive in marketing, and participating in what we like to call “the real world”, will be an incredible one. That’s my promise.  I’m really excited to get to know Connex Credit Union, the marketing team, and you – the members – even more. I hope to provide (as well as receive) an unforgettable experience to each and every member I cross paths with… one member at a time.

Recently, I was able to create this video, with the help of one of our marketing specialists, Roquita, that introduces me and the position of VP of Unbanking. To get to know more about me and what I’ll be doing as the VP of Unbanking, please check out the video.

I hope to see you soon.

-Spencer Price, VP of Unbanking

Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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