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Win Extra Cash, Get Financially Smarter!

Picture this. You’re coming home from work or school and your car starts acting up. You haven’t taken it to a mechanic in a while, you start to think. The car locks up and starts smoking, and you are in full panic mode. You pull over, the car shuts down, and you call AAA. Now fast forward to the mechanic for an estimate on the repair. “$1200 dollars?!” you exclaim with frustration. You start to have a panic attack in the shop, and think about how your credit card payment is due soon, and then you realize… you haven’t saved up any money this month, or the past few months for that matter.

So why is it so hard to save money? Where do you even begin? Let’s face it: most of us seem to struggle with saving and putting a portion of our paycheck away. The reasons for this can vary: Housing can be expensive, maintaining your motor vehicle is expensive, raising a family is extremely expensive, and college tuition is going through the roof! With rising costs, we have less disposable income. Many of us don’t have jars in our house for rainy days anymore. When’s the last time you even put money in your savings account? Saving money doesn’t have to be a struggle; it’s an attainable goal, if you put your mind to it. Like anything else in life, whether it is dieting, exercising, or acing a class – you have to do your research, set up a plan, and train yourself to stick to it. Connex wants you to treat maintaining your finances and saving money the same way.

If reading that just stressed you out and you’re looking to turn your finances around, Connex Credit Union is here to help! We’re looking for five lucky contestants to take part in the ConneXfactor financial competition. You will work closely with your own Financial Advocate in creating a financial plan and goals that may earn you the title of Most Financially Fit! We’re awarding a Grand Prize winner with $3,000, First Prize receives $1,000 and Second Prize receives $500!

Visit this link now to enter! Must enter by March 28th.

Check out last year’s contestants’ videos here!

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and a member of Connex Credit Union to be eligible to apply.
Not yet a member? No problem, click here to apply!

Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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