ConneXfactor Status Update 5

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The ConneXfactor contestants have faced challenges and made sacrifices. By understanding their budget and prioritizing goals they have been able to weather storms and handle life’s curve balls.

Join our ConneXfactor contestants and let our Financial Advocates work with you to create a financial plan and a budget to help you achieve your goals. Stop by any branch or get started online today.

Robert H.
Robert had some recent challenges due to a job change, but he was able to pay all of his bills on time. Despite missing a couple of his savings goals, Robert is determined to reach his ConneXfactor goals. We have evaluated his plan and budget and worked out a way for him to still reach his original goals and make-up for the lost savings. –Gezim Stroka, Meriden Branch Manager

Cristina B.
With summer just around the corner, Cristina has started looking forward to her upcoming vacation. It is a well-deserved break from the daily grind, but Cristina also realizes that it is important to keep her goals in mind when traveling. Cristina has been setting aside money from each paycheck for her vacation. This will allow her to enjoy her trip without having to make a large withdrawal from the savings balance she has been building. –Troy Cassidy, Branford Branch Manager

Susan O.
This week Susan has been sticking to her budget and game plan for June. Susan has paid off her credit card and continues to pay it off each month. She just charges her monthly payments for daycare, gas and groceries for the reward points. Susan and her friend are working on some challenges with each other. They are currently in the middle of a “31 less things” challenge, where they are challenging each other to get rid of one item per day to help unclutter the house. She has been going through her daughter’s clothes that don’t fit any more and putting them in a box. There is a children’s consignment store that will be opening up in Meriden soon. She hopes to sell back some of her clothes for extra money to use to buy new clothes for her daughter. –Frank Pomarico, Hamden Branch Manager

Janet C.
This past week Janet found some great local activities that were not only family friendly, educational and incredibly fun but also FREE! Thanks to our amazing community here on the CT shoreline, she was able to attend great educational programs with her son at Meigs Point Nature Center on Memorial Day weekend. The week after, they attended a kids rock climbing event hosted by Trailblazer and Denali, a local outdoor retailer. The event filled the day and exposed them to giving back to the community by cleaning the trails, hiking and rock climbing at Chatfield Hollow. It was such a great experience to not only be outdoors, but to be educated and exercising without spending money! –Melissa O’Connor, Guilford Branch Manager

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ConneXfactor Challenge
Susan has inspired us to face you with a challenge!

  1. Find 5 or more items in your home that you do not use.
  2. Sell those items to friends, online, in a consignment shop, tag sale, etc.
  3. Tell us what you sold and how you used the extra money to improve your financial future!

Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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2 comments on “ConneXfactor Status Update 5
  1. […] 31 day challenge from last week has been going well. So far Susan has earned $15 for old clothes and toys that her daughter no […]

  2. orams says:

    Reblogged this on Lil Miss Penny Pincher and commented:
    I loved the feeling I got knowing my debt was paid off. I continue to use credit cards because they offer me a reward cash doesn’t.

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