Don’t Be A Fool With Your Finances!


Being responsible with your finances might seem like common sense, but many people overlook the little things that can make a big difference in their bank accounts. In honor of April fool’s Day, I’d like to share some foolish financial mistakes you might be making:

Paying for things you don’t use

– Many people pay for things they don’t use like unlimited cell and text options on their phones but never use all their data. You should pay attention to how much of your data you use every month, and downgrade if possible. This can also be applied to expenditures as well – your cable and utility bills, and how about those monthly gym membership dues?

Impulse buys

– Failing to compare prices can be costly for the buyer – causing you to overspend. Use a price comparison tool (such as apps like RedLaser, Price Check by Amazon, and Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper) and also look into apps like RetailMeNot or CouponCabin to utilize coupons at your favorite stores

Not utilizing your employer’s 401(k) plan

– I think it goes without saying that people want to be financially secure after they retire – so what are you waiting for? If your employer has a 401(k) plan, especially with a match system, it would be foolish not to utilize it – it’s throwing away free money!

Not checking charges

– If a charge on your card, bill, receipt, etc. looks a little off, then don’t be shy – speak up! Minor charges matter – and they add up! It’s important to speak up even if you’re not comfortable doing so. The money is yours and if belongs in your pocket.

Paying for checking

– Your checking should be free – why would you pay to access your own funds? Don’t spend, save!


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