Friendships are priceless but wouldn’t it be nice to get paid to talk to your friends? Well, here at Connex, you can! Connex is introducing the Tell-Your-Friends referral program. Refer a friend, and BOTH receive a $50 reward.

Now, I used to be skeptical of referral programs myself – what if the company doesn’t follow through with the reward? What if I don’t have any friends who would be interested?

What I discovered was that my skepticism did not lay in the referral programs themselves, but in the business. Did I trust this business? Does this business care about my well-being and my contribution to their company? These were the important questions I pondered. So, when Connex introduced the Tell-Your-Friends referral program, I had no doubts about the program’s ability to succeed because I trust Connex, and wanted to inform others about taking advantage of this great opportunity. So here, let me help ease your mind…

– Connex members matter. YOU are important to the credit union; therefore, your needs are of the highest priority. Connex aims to foster a mutual relationship with its members in order to ensure their loyalty and trust. With that being said, I know that the credit union will dedicate their time to making sure their members are rightly compensated when taking part in the referral process.

– Connex makes referring a friend easy! You simply:

  1.  Visit and fill out the registration form
  2. Refer your friends via email or social media
  3. Have your friend open a new Unbank Checking account and enroll in direct deposit OR complete 12 debit transactions in a 30 day period
  4. Collect your $50 reward (BOTH of you!)

Who knew talking to your friends would be this rewarding? We did. Because here at the Unbank, we ensure trust and ease for our members.

To learn more about the Tell-Your-Friends referral program, please visit or call Connex Credit Union at (800) 278-6466

Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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