Thanksgiving Savings


As we all know, Thanksgiving is the time to make lasting memories and share thanks with family and friends. According to The American Farm Bureau Federation, the estimated the cost of Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people was $49.48 in 2012. However, that cost does not include decorations, heating/air conditioning, water bill for dishwashing, etc.  There are many hidden costs of Thanksgiving, and I’m here to share some ways that will help you conserve time, energy, and money this holiday season.

Stuff Your Turkeys AND Your Pockets by remembering these quick tips this Thanksgiving:

DIY Decorating

For centerpieces, mantle pieces, etc. gather natural materials such as branches, gourds, pinecones and beautiful autumn leaves. Not only will it create less waste, but you’ll also have fewer items to store, since everything is disposable, biodegradable and free! To find great decorating ideas, check out, (a highly recommended site for both creative and not so creative individuals!) as well as, or various “How To” Youtube videos.

Make it a Potluck!

When someone asks, “What can I bring?” Don’t be shy! Suggest your guests bring their favorite dish. Since Thanksgiving is about family, have your family contribute to the meal.

Budget your ingredients

Local grocery stores often advertise their best deals for the holiday dinner – don’t miss out on them!  You can even use mobile apps like Grocery Pal to monitor price changes. Another way to budget is to buy in bulk. Don’t spend dollar after dollar on multiple quantities of the same ingredient. Buy your ingredients in bulk and save! Don’t forget to look for coupons!

Plan your Leftovers

After three days of turkey sandwiches, it’s easy to let leftovers linger in the fridge while you decide on a novel way to use them. Before you know it, they’ve spoiled, and you have to throw them out—a waste of food and money. Look up some Thanksgiving leftover recipes before the feast, and plan out a whole week’s worth of meals in advance to use up every last bit of your leftovers.

Conserve Energy

With the oven full of turkey and a house full of guests, there’s plenty of warmth to go around—so turn down your thermostat a few degrees for the Thanksgiving meal to conserve energy!


Best Regards,

Jaslyn Scribner, Vice President of Unbanking

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