When NOT To Use Mobile Banking!

Connex Mobile Check Desposit

Have you heard? Connex Credit Union has Mobile Banking! We worked hard to provide our members a solution that has all the bells and whistles! Making transfers? Yup, we’ve got it. Deposit checks on your phone? Yup, we’ve got it!

This is an easy, convenient and secure way to deposit your checks in the comfort of your own home. Not at home? You can deposit your checks, make transfers, find an ATM, pay bills, and much more almost anywhere you want.

For your safety, we’ve compiled a short list of times when you probably shouldn’t use Mobile Banking:

When Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing

When Swimming


When Breathing Fire

breathing fire

When Sky Diving

sky diving

When you see Bigfoot! (We recommend running!)


Once you catch your breathe, you can find out more about Connex Mobile Banking when you click here.


Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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