Spring Cleaning for your Finances


The warmer weather is slowly approaching us! What better way to prepare for the upcoming sunshine filled months than being financially organized? So while you may be cleaning out your house and dusting off the lawnmower, also be sure  your finances are tidy.

Sort through winter finances

If you have some leftover holiday finances lingering around, now would be a good time to finish paying them off.

Get rid of old paperwork

Reduce clutter and get rid of any old paystubs, ATM receipts, bank deposits, and statements. You should normally get rid of your bank statements and paystubs after 1 year, but keep your tax records for 7 years.  When getting rid of you paperwork, always remember to shred everything for security purposes. Take a look our What I Should Do with My Financial Records fact sheet to see how long you should hold onto specific items.

Look at areas of spending that can be reduced

Have a gym membership? Maybe think about putting your account on hold or cancelling it for the warmer months since most people spend a lot of time outdoors. Even take a look at your cell phone and cable bills. Are you barely using your minutes for your cell phone plan? Think about changing your plan to save money!

Look at your credit.

It may be dreadful, but keeping track of your credit is very important!  See if you are behind on any payments, and try to pay them back as quickly as possible. Maybe you have an abundance of credit cards that you barely use. Get rid of them! It’s better to have a few credit cards than multiple cards. It makes it easier for you to keep track of what you owe. If you know your credit score isn’t where you want it be, start planning a way to get back on track. When you have an Unbank Checking or Your Choice Checking account with Connex, you get your Smart Score credit score range for free each quarter!


Do you have any other financial spring cleaning ideas? Comment below, I’d love to hear them!


-Lauren Dufour, VP of Unbanking


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