Extreme Couponing for the Average Shopper



I’m sure many of you have heard of TLC’s show Extreme Couponing, where people save hundreds of dollars grocery shopping from using multiple coupons. Ever wonder how they do it? Now you can too! Here are some easy,  ways for average shoppers to start to learn how to properly coupon.

1. Know where to find coupons.

The Sunday newspaper is the best place to look for plenty of coupons. Be sure to look for manufacturer’s coupons as well as coupons from your local grocery/drug store. The Internet is also a great place to find digital coupons you can print at home. There are even mobile apps that let you show the cashier your phone!

2. Ask your grocery store’s policy on doubling.

According to Couponing101, doubling or tripling is when the store will take for example, a $0.50 coupon and double it to $1. This gets automatically done at the register if they accept doubling/tripling. Also be sure to ask how many coupons they accept for doubling. Some might only allow the first few coupons to be doubled.

3. Store and Manufactured Coupons.

When clipping coupons, be sure to clip both the store and manufacture coupons. Many stores will allow you to use both when checking out, but be sure to ask before purchasing your items.

4. Organize and store your coupons.

Make your grocery shopping less stressful and organize your coupons! Keep them in an envelope or if you have a lot, make a binder full of coupons. Try to keep your coupons with you at all times, you never know when you might use them!

5. Wait for sales.

It might be tempting to go use your newly clipped coupons but wait a while! You can get a better deal when an item goes on sale with coupons compared to buying an item at full price.

These are a few basic tips to make the most out of your couponing experience. If you are ready to take your couponing to the next level, there are definitely many sites online that provide insight on how to coupon like a pro.

Do you have any different tips for couponing? Please share and comment below!

­-Lauren Dufour, VP of Unbanking


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