Branford is Now An Unbank Kind of Town!

We are so excited to announce that the Branford branch is open for business! This branch is not only new, but is completely different than any other Connex Branch and will change the way members Unbank with us.

Introducing: The Personal Teller Machine


The Personal Teller Machine (PTM) is a convenient, electronic way to handle personal finances while still providing the personal service of person-to-person transactions.

I spoke with our PTM Specialists, Alex and Liza about their thoughts on this new technology experience.

Liza and Alex


Alex and Liza will be working in the call center of our North Haven office while serving members in Branford, pretty cool huh?

“It’s definitely a lot safer with the PTM,” said Alex.  Members are still getting that person-to-person interaction, but the PTM makes handling personal finances much safer. Cash is secured where both the member and teller can avoid any discrepancies.

Alex and Liza both agreed that members have been very receptive to this new Unbanking experience and are loving working on the other side of the PTM.

“The PTMs are more advanced and accurate, everything is so much faster,” said Liza.

The overall goal of the PTMs is to make it a faster, safer, and more convenient experience for our members.

So you might be asking, is there anyone actually working in the Branford branch? The answer to that is yes! Assistant Branch Manager Ben and New Account Representatives Angela and Cindy are there and able to assist members.

What do you think about the PTMs? We hope you are as excited as us about this new technology and branch opening! Be sure to keep a lookout for a countdown for our Grand Opening in a few weeks.

Lauren Dufour – VP of Unbanking 



Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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