Holiday Shopping Tips – Part One

Holiday shopping can sometimes be a stressful experience. Check out the video below for a few tips to help make this year’s holiday shopping stress-free!

1. Make a holiday shopping budget – and stick to it. 

Keeping a budget this season and making sure you do not go over it will make all the difference. Make a list of people you need to get gifts for, what type of gift you want to get them, and include prices.

2. Watch the interest.

If you do decide to pay for gifts with a credit card, make sure that you can pay it off in full. Try not to purchase expensive items that you know you will not be able pay off right away. Why pay interest on a purchase for someone else?

3. Visualize your spending.

Another good idea would be to try to pay only with cash. When you open your wallet to pay you can see the actual amount of money you have. This can help you not overspend.

4. Know a store’s return and price match policy.

With retailers constantly making new sales, understand the return and price match policies before you buy. You’ll want the freedom to return the product or get a refund on the price difference if it goes on sale before you give the gift.

Do you have any other tips? I’d love to hear them! Comment below or reply on our Facebook and Twitter page!

Happy Holidays!

-Lauren Dufour, VP of Unbanking 


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One comment on “Holiday Shopping Tips – Part One
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