Turn Junk Into Cash

You might not realize this, but there are some things lying around your house that you can actually turn in to get some cash!

I’ve recently discovered this while I decided to tackle cleaning out my closet and going through my old clothes that I’ve had for years and could not get rid of. But, there comes a time when my closet is on the verge of exploding with clothes and I have no choice.

So while cleaning out my closet, I had a large amount of clothes that were still in really good condition, but I either grew out of them or just do not like them anymore and I thought: “what could I do with all of these clothes?!” One word: consignment.

Bringing clothes to a consignment shop is a great and quick way to earn some cash! From my experience, as long as the items you are bringing are new to gently-used and are current with today’s style they should be considered acceptable.

Some consignment shops will pay you up front with cash and others might give you a credit. You will check back with the shop to see if anyone has purchased your clothes and you will receive money for your sold clothes!

I find this a great and easy way to earn cash. Not only are you cleaning out your closet (which to many is something you probably have on a to-do list in the back of your head!), but you are getting money for basically cleaning!

For your convenience here a few local consignment shops to check out:

Consignment Originals – Cheshire, CT

Karma Consignment – Hamden, CT

Plato’s Closet – Orange (and other various locations), CT

Find It Here Consignments – North Haven, CT

From my latest discovery I started to think of other ways you can earn some quick cash around the house. Here are a few:

Recycle! Do you have a large collection of cans and bottles piling up in your house? Recycle them and earn money! Every 3 to 6 months, I take a trip to Stop and Shop and recycle all of my bottles and cans and earn about $20 or so!

For a college student that money can go towards eating out, going to the movies, or gas money. In Connecticut, New York, and Maine cans and bottles are returnable for 5 cents.  That is why I wait a few months to return them so I get a good amount of money in return.  Don’t forget that you are also helping out the environment while recycling!

Aside from recycling bottles and cans you can also recycle old ink or toner cartridges! Staples offers customers to earn rewards by recycling their old printer cartridges. You can earn $2 back per cartridge and use your rewards at Staples towards any product.

Gold. While cleaning out your closet, why not clean out your jewelry box too? Maybe there is some old jewelry that you don’t like or just don’t wear anymore. There are many cash for gold stores and jewelers who are willing to give you money for your gold items!


Old Electronics.  Do you have some old electronics lying around that you do not use anymore? Maybe you have an old cell phone, camera, iPod, DVDs, or a GPS? Then consider trading it in for a gift card! Stores like Target, Walmart, and BestBuy all have trade in programs where you can trade in various electronics and receive a gift card for the designated value!


Can’t get cash for it? Be sure to donate and recycle what you can.

Can you think of any other ways to earn cash fast? Let me know I’d love to hear your ideas!


-Lauren Dufour, VP of Unbanking


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