The Connex “Favorite Branch” Competition – [UPDATE as of June 27, 2012]

We are now two weeks into the Connex “Favorite Branch” Competition! We still need your help to decide who should win the “top seat” in the Unbank Nation. The poll results show that the branches are only separated by just a few votes (It’s a nail biter!).  Head over to the Connex Facebook page to vote for your “Favorite Branch” today! Find out more about the competition, how to vote, and the official rules by clicking here. By the way, you’ll be entered to win $100 for voting!

What have the branches been up to?

In the last update our North Haven and New Haven branches were campaigning hard by giving out cookies and popcorn. North Haven is still campaigning strong and now Wallingford is getting in the game!

On Friday June 22, the Wallingford branch had ice cream cups for members to cool themselves off with! The Wallingford Service Coordinator Jamie was greeting customers and campaigning for her branch!

The North Haven branch has been constantly campaigning! Since my update last week, North Haven has had cookies, lemonade, balloons, more popcorn, and handed out “a penny for your vote!”

The branches keep pulling out all the stops! What will they do next?!

Psst! I have a secret! – I happen to know that our branches have a surprise for you all next week on our YouTube Channel! Stay tuned!

Have you voted for your “Favorite Branch” yet?! You can head over to our Facebook to vote or click here to find out more about the competition and the official rules. Did I mention you can win $100 for voting?!

-Chris, Marketing


Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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