Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From Connex Employees

Any chance you haven’t quite figured out what to get mom on Mother’s Day? Well you’re in luck, because I got some great ideas directly from Connex employees. Be sure to leave your Mother’s Day gift ideas in the comments below. I hope you enjoy these ideas as much as I have!

Ideas from Connex Employees
“My mother loves butterflies, so I got her an old fashioned jar with an animatronic butterfly flapping inside.” – Jennifer, Orange Branch

“A group photo with all the kids and/or grandchildren, including the dog if you don’t have kids!!!” – Candace, Collections

“I would love a day at the Spa…” – Sandy, Accounting

“Flowers.” – Paula, Collections

“The simpler the better in my opinion. A hand made card from the kids and a Blu-ray is what’s on the menu for this year.” – Brenden, Collections

“Breakfast in bed! We always did breakfast in bed.” – Mandy, New Haven Branch

“Every year on Mother’s Day I send my mom a new picture of myself with my siblings and a picture with the three of us with our children (5 all together). She always said we are her greatest gifts!” – Talana, Hamden Branch

I can’t wait to see what other ideas you can come up with!

Chris, VP of Unbanking


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