Going Green is Easy!

This weekend is Earth Day and I’m super excited! As someone in my 20s I want our world to flourish and continue to be a healthy environment for many generations to come. I compiled a list of 10 very easy things you can start doing right away to go green! Going green isn’t only good for the environment, but many times it’s good for your wallet too!

1.Wash your clothes with cold water instead of hot
2.Turn the water off while brushing your teeth
3.Switch to E-Statements and E-Bills
4.Use reusable bags at the store
5.Use a reusable water bottle
6.Recycle cans and bottles and get your deposit back
7.Turn the lights off when you leave the room
8.Recycle your unused electronics and batteries
9.In the summer, keep your shades down in the day
10.In the winter, keep your shades up in the day

To find out more about Earth Day you can go to www.EarthDay.org and www.EPA.gov/EarthDay

What are you doing to go green on Earth Day and every day?

Chris, VP of Unbanking


Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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