Spring Cleaning For Your Wallet

I know you’re probably hoping for me to tell you how to get the gum out of your carpet or how to dust your blinds, but I suggest consulting your sponge for those tips. Spring is a time for not only cleaning your house, but your finances too! Check out these financial spring cleaning tips!

Clean Out Financial Records

Do you have boxes of old bank statements or other financial records piling up somewhere? This is the perfect time to get rid of unnecessary documents. Be careful though and go through every single document you have. Not all financial records should be thrown away. Download the PDF below for a list of financial records and how long you should keep them. Oh and a couple more things, remember to dispose of your documents securely and to recycle when you can!

Financial Record Rules (PDF)

Sell Old or Unwanted Items

Who knows maybe that old typewriter sitting up in the attic is worth something. When you’re cleaning out our attics, basements, and garages double check and make sure what you’re throwing away isn’t worth money. If what you have isn’t worth anything, try to recycle it and be green.

Get Back on Track

Have you stuck to the budget that you made as part of your New Year’s Resolutions? If not, it is time to get back on track. Not only should you go back to following your budget, but you should take a look as to why you stopped in the first place. Go through line by line and figure out where you need to adjust. Did you always over spend on your coffee budget? Maybe to help stick to it you can increase your coffee budget while cutting back on something else.

I’ve helped you out with the financial stuff. Can you help me out with the getting the gum out of the carpet?!

What spring cleaning tips do you have? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter! 

Chris, VP of Unbanking


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