Saving Money Is Easy

Back in November, I held a contest to see what people’s best money saving tips were. I got some really great responses! By seeing all these tips, I learned that saving money is easy. I wanted to take the time to share some of the great tips I got with you all!

What money saving tips do you have to add to this great list?!

“Set a personal budget and monitor all income and spending throughout the week or month. This makes it easy to track spending habits and overall save some money!” – Matt

“I like to reuse water bottles so I don’t have to buy them as frequently.” – Amanda

“I have a reusable water bottle that I wash and refill.” – Kiana

“Save drink bottles and go to the bottle return at local supermarkets, gives extra cash to college students!” – Sierra

“Check your receipts! At supermarkets, I often get charged twice for a single item. If you notice that you got charged twice, ask for a refund. Also, read your credit card statements, and place every transaction! I just recovered $20.06 by disputing a faulty credit card transaction from a New Jersey gas station.” – Anton

“Have a plan of what you want to buy before going somewhere where you’ll spend money; like the grocery store” – Bianca

“Try not to go to the mall ever weekend!” – Taylor

“I try to avoid fast food/eating out as much as possible! Bagged lunch and dinner at home really saves!” – Margaret

“Keep track of all warranties.” – Megan

“Never go to the grocery store hungry! Stick to your list.” – Patrick

“No cable! Carpooling with my husband! Buying in bulk!” – Madeleine

“Unplug appliances, lamps, phone chargers, etc. when not in use, you could shave $ off your electric bill (i saved $20).” – Jessica

“Try not to buy anything at the grocery store that isn’t a staple without coupons!” – Adina

“The clothes dryer uses the most energy in the house. I dry my clothes on a rack in the basement and then toss them into the dryer when they’re about 90% dry. This cuts the drier time significantly” – Deena

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