The Home Stretch

It’s a new year and the home stretch towards what I’ve been working four years for. Only four months stand between me and a degree. Also, only four months left of my internship here as the VP of Unbanking at Connex. I want to take this time to reflect on what I’ve learned and what my plans are for 2012.

Since starting in late August I can tell you that I’ve learned more about credit unions, banks, and social media than I ever thought I could. I found myself waking up and checking the latest news on the Bank of America debit card fee and Bank Transfer Day. I was also checking constantly for social media news and even going to social media meetings with national experts. It was definitely a busy year with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ all making changes to their platforms.

So far at Connex, I really got to see the human side of both Connex and other credit unions. When BOA and other major banks started making news of new fees, I saw Connex employees that were genuinely upset with the news. With our Bank Transfer Day announcements I saw the biggest surge in social media feedback since starting my internship. All of it was positive. People were really engaged with the Bank Transfer Day message. It was really great to see!

Looking ahead into 2012 I am very thrilled. We have some really exciting things planned! Have you noticed one change already? Yup, you got it! The Unbank Blog has been completely redesigned. Stay tuned though because we have contests and some very important (and exciting!) announcements planned for 2012!

What are you looking to get from Connex when it comes to social media? I want to help make your connections with us as fun and meaningful as I can!

Chris, VP of Unbanking


Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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