Community Outreach: Shred-It!

On Saturday September 17th, theNorth Haven branch of Connex Credit Union held “Shred-It Day” for the community. Both members and non-members were able to bring their old documents to be securely shredded for free. People brought bank statements, tax forms, and just about any other document with their personal information on it. Many people had boxes of paperwork stored away for years that was just collecting dust in their house. Secure shredding of documents is one way to preventing identity theft. As the Unbank we want to be sure to help out our community in any way we can.

The marketing team (including me!) gave away free measuring tapes and pens. We also raffled off a free year of our credit monitoring service and identity theft protection!  On top of the giveaways, we were also there to inform people about proper sensitive information disposal. Some documents should be kept longer than others. We had a guide to help explain what can be shredded and what should be kept.

We even had Radio 104.1 WMRQ broadcasting live from Connex! They were there helping to promote our free Shred-It event. They had a bubble machine that the kids loved, and one of the broadcasters even dressed up in an elephant suit! Let’s just say when your depositing your checks an elephant saying hi to you is not expected.

It took a little bit of effort waking up early on Saturday (I am a college student after all). However, the day was a fun and rewarding experience. Meeting with the people of the community was the best part. It was nice being able to learn from members and to inform non-members about the credit union difference!

Talkback: How do you get rid of your sensitive information?

-Chris, VP of Unbanking

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