College Talkback: What I Learned

Hi everyone! Last week I interviewed students at theUniversity of New Haven. The mission was to find out the misconceptions students might have about credit unions. What do they already know about credit unions? What do students think credit unions are? What financial services would they like to know more about? I would like to share with you what I learned.

Do You Know What A Credit Union Is? 

Answers were across the board, but overwhelmingly students just weren’t sure. I think that after 18+ years of being constantly hounded by big banks, we have it engrained into us what a bank is. We’ll I’m here to tell you that a credit union is very similar to what a bank is, but better! Credit unions have checking accounts, savings accounts, car loans, mortgages, and all the other financial products bank have. The difference is that credit unions exist solely to better their member’s lives!

What Financially Would You Like To Learn More About? 

INTEREST! INTEREST! INTEREST! Students want to know everything there is to know about interest and student loans. Most importantly, they want to know how to pay their loans off! Luckily, Connex offers free information sessions about various topics throughout the year.

Where Would A Credit Union Be Able To Get Your Attention? 

To put it simply, everywhere. Some students enjoy TV, some like being on the internet, and some like getting out and going for a nice car ride. Where do you pay the most attention to advertisements?

Chris, Vice President of Unbanking

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