Rising Gas Prices

So, gas prices are rising. People  are speculating they can get as high as $5 per gallon by summer. For those of us with longer commutes to our jobs, the effect will be a negative one for our pockets. I can’t really avoid driving because I have to drop off and pick up my two young boys each day but I thought long and hard about alternatives though. One solution that might help ease the pain on our pockets is utilizing a commuter van service designed to help people who live or work near each other get around easily. Commuter van services can start at $120 or so for the month.  If you fill up twice or three times a week like I do, this monthly cost would be small in comparison.  Still, if the rising gas prices bring the commuter van cost up slightly, if at all, I’d still make out better. I don’t want to fill up my tank at exorbitant prices.! Does anyone use commuter van services or any other alternatives to avoid paying higher gas prices? 
(Just my vent!)

– Connex Marketing


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