Time to Winterize!

It’s winter in New England and with that comes tons of snow. Driving on the highway should be done cautiously and with care. However, being a prudent driver doesn’t guarantee that you will stay out of the snow bank, so you should be prepared to deal with what may happen while on the road.

To help you stay prepared, I thought I’d share this quick list of items to keep in your car as an emergency kit should you get stranded on the side of the road:

  1. A spare blanket to keep you warm
  2. A bag of kitty litter or sand to give your tires some traction if you get stuck
  3. A shovel to dig your car out of the snow or mud
  4. Emergency flares to signal for help
  5. A sign for your window that says “Call for help” or “Call 911” in case you do not have your cellphone handy

I hope you never need to use this emergency kit, but taking these precautions will save you time and money in the event an emergency occurs.

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Erin King, VP of Unbanking

Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Winterize-Your-Car-With-Auto-Insurance&id=5626374


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