Once you go Tech can you ever go back?

Have you ever wondered how you survived without the internet? What would you do without the immediate gratification of Google or YouTube? Most college kids wouldn’t be able to graduate without the assistance of the internet.

How did we ever drive somewhere new without MapQuest? Most of America would laugh at the thought of MapQuest now, already have moved on to the luxury of GPS.

A recent article in the New Haven Register by Joe Amarante, Once You get GPS, DVR, Satellite Radio, HDTV, and a few bottles of cabernet… brought up the notion that with each new gadget available, a previous way of life is soon forgotten.

Amarante even touches upon the updated ways of banking, stating: “Once you have direct deposit and an ATM card, you won’t want to get in line at the bank to cash your check with a bunch of strangers even more tired-looking than you.”

How much of this is true for us? Have ATM machines and direct deposit eliminated all human interaction? When it comes to my own money, I prefer to take advantage of these conveniences. Direct deposit assures me that my money will be in my account when I expect it to be, and I can always check my available balance online and at any ATM machine. Human interactions have become less frequent but we always know our favorite tellers will be there if we need extra assistance.

Amarante continues stating: “Once you get used to Internet banking where you pay your bills online, you won’t want to ever tear off another bill stub and write a check to send via snail mail.”

Snail mail has long since been replaced by email and the ease of doing everything from paying bills to catching up with old friends in our pajamas in front of our computers. Many bill-payers have discovered this safe and easy way of life and have even found that online services have privacy passwords and even helpful tools, like reminders for individual payment due date.

 There’s a well known saying that ‘Old habits die hard’ but now is it the new conveniences that die harder?

Erin King, VP of UnBanking


Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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