Will the future hold more than just great gadgets for us?

On Christmas Eve, most of us are lounging with our families, prepping the kitchen for the huge feast that will take place in a few hours, and dreaming of what Santa left for us under the tree. I’ll bet that what we hope is under that tree this year is a lot different from what we had once hoped for when we were young, each Christmas is a little different from the last, and this year many we’re worried about making it feel like Christmas with a lack of jobs and need to conserve money. In our future there lies hope of more jobs, and merrier Christmas’ to come, maybe even some upgraded robotic reindeer to boot.

I hope everybody remembers the TV show ‘The Jetsons’, a space age family that uses technology to do everyday tasks, like make breakfast, shave, get dressed. The Jetsons drove a hovercraft, had a robot maid, and all the best gadgets. From the day I first saw this show, I always mirrored my image of the future to look like The Jetsons.

I like to think that the creators of The Jetsons are now embarking on their own entrepreneurial adventure to create artificial intelligence robots, like the maid. I attended a small lecture entitled “No More Companies, No More Jobs: The Road to a World Without Work”, so I assumed it would be more on the depressing reality side of things making me more aware of the fact that there are no jobs and I will forever live on my parents couch. I was surprised to find that it was more an open discussion, rather than a full out lecture, guided by serial entrepreneur David Rose. Rose is most known for being one of the top NYC angel investor (or just angel), which means he is the financial backer for over 70 start up companies to listen to David speak about his main focus which is Rose Tech Ventures, an early stage venture fund that focuses on internet-based businesses. From his perspective, the robots and easy-living gadgets are within reach! And the road to a world without work doesn’t mean millions of jobless and hungry, it means less labor work and more artificial intelligence doing the work for us.

It is people like David Rose who helps make young entrepreneurs dreams happen. What struck me most about this innovator is that because he is one of the top angels he spends a lot of time listening to others ideas and dreams and then he makes them possible. I like to think that there are more people striving to create work for themselves and for others, hopefully with the help of angels like David Rose we won’t be on the road to a world without work.

So why am I telling you all about this entrepreneur and comparing to The Jetsons? Because it all has to do with dreaming, David Rose is constantly dreaming up new ways to help and giving confidence to others to do the same, and I really felt inspired by this drive and I’m hoping you will too. I’m hoping you won’t let the first impression of this “world without work” discourage your hopes to make it because there are hundreds of angel investors who are willing to help. I’m just letting you know they are out there. As for The Jetsons, watch the show again and you may find yourself noticing that we aren’t so far off from that.

When you think about the future do you see yourself among The Jetsons? Or are you hoping someone like David Rose funds your next big idea? (Either one is possible!)

Erin King, VP of Unbanking


Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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