Ready for My Close-Up

I’ve never been camera shy (I’ve actually never been in any category of ‘shy’), but I found myself in a strange place when I found out there would be professional photographs taken of me to fully introduce the ‘VP’ to the nation. The most professional photographs I’ve had taken of me were for my senior portraits, and all I remember was my mother telling me what to wear and what she wanted the poses to be, since she would be mass distributing these photos to friends, family, and probably our mailman. The purpose of these photos was not to make me suffer through senior portraits again, but to have fun with my new professional life. These photos will be used here on my micro-site, occasionally in press releases if they come up, and other internal uses. It was important to Connex that I wore what I wanted and felt best represented myself, so as a true college senior I went with a cozy cardigan and scarf.

This experience was completely different, which I’ve come to notice happens a lot with Connex. Being a member of the Connex team means my opinions and comfort matters, which is the same for all of its members and non-members. I got to venture to Hartford, a surprisingly cute little city, crossed two firsts off my life check-list: 1. Wander around Hartford, and 2. Pretend to be a model for a day.

So what does this little excursion have to do with Unbanking? Probably not a whole lot at the moment, but a few months from now these photos will help you guys, our members, connect with Connex. I’ve found that recognizing a person’s face helps an individual to identify with the overall project, creating trust. I want trust and Connex to be a fluent theme, and I hope my face strengthens that theme.

Erin King, VP of Unbanking


Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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