The True Meaning of Free

The days of free checking are not over as long as Connex, other credit unions and smaller community banks are concerned!  Many people are tired of racking up on penalty fees that result from not having a minimum account balance, making a certain number of debit card transactions or using a fee-charging ATM excessively.  Here at Connex, to earn the high interest rate for Unbank Checking, we require our members to use e-Services, like Online Banking, debit card use, and ATM use.  The difference between us and the big banks is we don’t charge our members fees if they don’t use e-Services enough during the month.  We still reward them if they don’t …with a lower interest rate.  If this piqued your interest, click here to learn more.

The recent article called “Say goodbye to traditional free checking” is about banks charging its customers fees on their “free” checking accounts.  Yet many people stay with these banks and deal with the fees because they don’t think there are other alternatives.  Hello…how about joining a credit union?  While some credit unions may not have as many branches as big banks, there are many options for people to make financial transactions easily and conveniently, like online banking, surcharge-free ATMs, telephone banking and earn high interest while not accruing fees and charges. 

Have you gotten hit by high fees on your checking account?  It’s okay to vent!


Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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