Move Your Money Already!

Here’s a great story I found on ABC News that suggests that people move their money out of big banks and into smaller community-based institutions like credit unions and community banks.

They even have Facebook and Twitter pages along with a search function to find a smaller bank or credit union near you!

Click here to read about the credit union difference.



Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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One comment on “Move Your Money Already!
  1. Robert Fournier says:

    I recently became a member this past December, after having received a notice from my bank that they were upping their fees, changing my account to one that would incurr more service fees and instituting new fees.

    I had had enough.

    In setting up my account, I made an error and requested an ATM card when what I really wanted was a debit card. I had gone to the North Haven branch to correct my error fully expecting to be scolded and pay a fee. Imagine my surprise when I was told that there would be no fee and was even thanked for my business.

    Who knew banking could be this pleasant?

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