A New Year…A New Budget

Happy New Year! Well, the Savings Challenge is done and we won! We are so thrilled about winning. Thank you to Connex for giving us a great opportunity not only to win money but also to learn how to save money. We would also like to congratulate the rest of the families that participated. I’m sure they, too, learned valuable tools for saving and spending wisely.

The New Year always brings thoughts of resolutions and changes for the future. This year is no exception for the Roche family. The resolutions haven’t changed much. We still want to live healthier, spend more time together as a family, give back to our community and, of course, save money.

While saving money would give us the means to accomplish all of those things, we realize a great lesson: money, alone, doesn’t improve our financial lives. In 2009, we learned the importance of having a budget and needing to change it accordingly. We’ve decided to keep our goals the same this year: no more credit cards and save as much money as possible and still have a life (more family time.)

Balancing saving money with family time doesn’t have to be difficult. Game nights are fun. Hiking, biking and “beaching” are inexpensive and you can pack a picnic lunch to eliminate eating out. Pizza night is more fun when we make our own (though a bit messier.) Watching a movie at home with the lights out and eating popcorn is a favorite with our kids.

We are just as excited this year, as last year, to see the results of the savings and spending tools we use. Participating in the Savings Challenge truly helped us to make the life style changes necessary to be financially prepared for the day-to-day expenses of life. And also to be better prepared for the unexpected expenses that always come at the worst time.

Here’s to 2010! Best of luck with all the challenges that come your way. With some planning, compromise and diligence anything is possible.

Are you giving yourself a financial makeover or have a financial plan to improve your financial life for 2010?


Improving the lives of our members... one member at a time.

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