Back to school. Back to shopping!

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This is back to school time and that also means back to school shopping. This Savings Challenge has really made us look at where we shop, what necessities we buy and where to get the best deals. Consignment shops have really been our biggest money saver. Now that all three kids are in school, having to buy three sets of school clothes on a budget has not been easy. Watching for sales and checking clearance racks has really helped during this time. It is easy to get caught up in shopping and buy too many clothes for the kids but we have been utilizing FinanceWorks to manage our spending and keep track of where our money is going. We always know how much money we can spend when we go shopping.

Being able to see our money and what it is being spent on has really helped us. FinanceWorks not only shows us how much money we have spent on bills, entertainment, and groceries but it also allows us to see how much money we have left to spend until our next paychecks. A couple of weeks ago, I logged on and was able to see that we had $115.00 to spend on clothes for the kids before our next paychecks. It was so great to be able to see that without having to physically balance my check book.

When shopping, do you set a limit on the amount you can spend? Does this make shopping easier or harder for you?


To access FinanceWorks, login to your Connex account in Online Banking at

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